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Didim Altinkum Beach

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Looking for apartments for sale in Didim altinkum? or to rent an apartment in Didim Altinkum? Didim Altinkum.. is one of the top holiday destinations in Turkey. That's why every year.. over 150,000 tourists visit Didim Altinkum. You can easily access links to properties for sale in Didim Altinkum, hotels and other quick links for your holiday. We wish you a wonderful time or holiday in Didim, Altinkum. Just one little request!.. please don't forget to tell your friends about us.

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Didim Altinkum.. a popular and enjoyable place to live all year round. 2 Bdr apartments, starting from 22K GBP / 28K EURO. Akbuk, Yesilkent, Altinkum are the most popular places to buy property in Didim, Altinkim.


Didim.. small but friendly, beautiful beach and lots of history It is a great place for a holiday. Very close to Bodrum-Milas and Izmir Airport. Lots of activities, shops, restaurants, bars. Just enjoy it!



Do your research again.. and again


Do not rush your decision, relax!


Hire a good real estate lawyer before you buy, not after!


Check all year around accessibility to the property


Consult others living in the complex or area


Check how noisy or busy the place is in summer


Don't be afraid to negotiate for a fair deal


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